Moshe Haelion

Greece - Israel


Moises was 6 months old when the war broke out. He lived with his father and mother. It was a very traditionalist town, with 3000 inhabitants, where there was an especially religious rabbi, considered the wisest, people from all sides came to greet him.


September 1, 1939, Germany invades Poland bombing all cities and their surroundings. In the town of Moises, the bombs destroyed the tallest houses leaving him and his mother under rubble. The woman manages to leave easily and after a great desperation rescues her son.


"Nobody believed that the war was going to last 5 years, everyone thought that it would last only a few more weeks." In the town, there were no great massacres but started to arrived rumors and the creation of the concentration camps. His father was a visionary of the left wing communist. For his Russian compatriots he decides to escape with his family and another friend to the border with Russia. There the soldiers take them as prisoners and after long hours of waiting, they decided to put them in free and give an apartment in a loft. His stay there did not last long because Germany invades the village where they were staying and are relocated to Siberia.


In Siberia, they received a good treatment. They managed to survive and spend a great time, between work and the bonuses they received, they managed to continue with their lives. In such a way that at the 4 years of Moises take care his newborn brother when his parents left to work. In those times his father was sent to the front to fight in the battle of Stalingrad against Nazi Germany. The farewell was tragic, "we knew it was a final farewell."


He began to hear rumors about the Nazi defeat. The end of the war was beginning to take on color. After a few months, being in his humble home, his father returns. Stalin had ordered not to let any foreigner fight. With the arrival of his father and the tanks that passed through the cities, the end of the war was assured.


The Helman family decides to return to their old home. In the course they are unable to make this decision due to the "Iron Curtain" - no one can return home. Months later Stalin receives an order to open the restriction and Moises returns to his village through the Trans-Siberian train. In the village they found few houses standing. Around 20 families returned to their home in search of their loved ones without success. Where to go was what worried the parents of Moises. Through the Joint, they contacted an intimate friend of their father who lived in Bolivia and was willing to receive them. During the time it took to get the permits, they spent their first days in their town. His first reconstruction tasks were to fix the cemetery that was completely desecrated by the Poles. Then they traveled to France. Moses did 4 times second grade because they never completed the cycle. At that time they learned that the entire village where they lived at the beginning of the war was taken to Treblinka. After several months of processing the permits and the visa, they traveled to Bolivia.


Mois├ęs' father had all his friends in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They had arrived before the war. In Bolivia, they did not find possible progress, enough reason to decide to change course and move to Argentina. The mobility situation was not easy. Entry to the Jews was prohibited. First his father entered illegally, then he crossed the border only and later his mother and brother arrived.

Came back

Moises lived the rest of his life in Argentina, studied and has a degree as Dr. Gynecologist at the University of Buenos Aires. After many years, once his parents died, Moises returned to his birth's place. He lived a mixture of varied sensations, which led him to place a monument in memory of all his relatives killed in the Shoah.